Love: Undefined

“How much do you love me?”

That question has been bugging me.

Yes, I’m fully aware of how your 

nonchalant lover shrugged it off.

In my defence, 
I have never been good 
with numbers and so 

quantification isn’t my strength. 

Answering “how much” requires 
some kinda formula, I assume.

An equation of love languages perhaps?

Add the amount of time spent together 

(and not together. 

Let’s not discount the nights 

I spent wishing that
I were stealing your bolster

instead of hugging mine),

plus the words of affection I’ve
whispered and uttered 

(even words like these 

that you may not hear;

we have to include in this sum).

How about the multiplication,

that adds to the complication?

Like when I feel three times more, 

every time I watch

your lips curl into a cheeky grin,

as a consequence of some 

groan-worthy pun you conjured.

And as we look back and realise 
it’s no longer 
X number of days 
we’ve known each other, 

but XXX,

does the exponent increase proportionately?

I conclude this love is irrational math -

In the first place,
you can’t begin to explain

how one plus one 

equals one in this formula. 

But if 1 is love, and 0 is nothing,

maybe we can say:

Together we are divided by none,

and so, 

how much I love you

cannot be defined.


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