Christmas magic

They’ve been asking,
“What’s he like?”
I’d smile, and tell them
about your hobbies,
how you speak,
what you believe in,
but think to myself that in fact,
you were a breath of fresh air.

To be more accurate, meeting you was like -

Moving away from the 
perennial summer heat,
and running to open the door on

the morning of my first wintry Christmas.

It was the rush of adrenaline,
to greet the fluffy white blanket outside,
and tracing faces on powdered car windows.
All this in PJs too thin for the cold, 
while inhaling the smell of wet wood,
dancing and revelling in the
light, flirtatious snowflake kisses.

It was not wanting to go back to the house
because afterall,
getting warm and toasty
can wait.


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