Style Tip: How To Wear Your Dresses Again After CNY

How many times have we been guilty of buying a nice fancy dress or outfit, only to wear it for that one occasion and then leave it collecting dust a corner of the wardrobe? In the spirit of the season, together with the team at Momoteapots, we thought it might be useful to come up with some style tips on different ways to style your CNY dresses.

1. Dress up your dress/romper...with a skirt

Give your dress a complete new look by simply pulling on a skirt. With eye-catching details like the Bare My Love Crochet Dress, go for a bottom with similar color tones so that it isn't overwhelming.


2. Pullover! 

Everyone has a basic top/shirt/t-shirt. It's the easiest thing to just grab a plain white shirt or knit top like the one below, and pull it over your floral dresses and rompers to add texture and makeover the look! Not to mention, it's a great solution for the recent windy weather.

3. Layer your clothes like a pro

Who said you could only gotta layer over your dresses? Here's our tip: LAYER UNDER! Here's again where your basic tops will come in handy. Choose high neck tops like your collared shirts and jewel-necklines and wear them under your fancy-coloured A-Line dresses.

Hope this was an interesting one :) Let me know what other tips/posts you might be interested in by leaving a comment below or emailing me at


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