Elumen Hair Colour and the miraculous Kerasilk Treatment

Two updates today on my hair journey at Black Hair Salon - Elumen Hair Colour and Kerasilk Keratin Treatment!

Finally tried something a little out of my comfort zone with two-toned colours and I've been loving my new hair  for the last couple of months, and received numerous compliments on how striking and lasting the red dye was. I only went back to touch up the colour after about 2 months and even then, the red hadn't faded to brown! There was no bleach used, because after perming my hair, I didn't want to further stress/damage it. They did warn me that the colour might not last as long or be as striking if I didn't bleach, but voila, it did and it was! Scroll down for the results.

Just couple of weeks back, I decided to finally try the much-raved about Kerasilk Treatment by Goldwell. After perming and constantly dyeing my hair and lack of maintenance on my part, I wanted a treatment that could tame my frizzy hair and damaged ends, so I was very excited to try Kerasilk. It is apparently humidity-resistant and the effects are said to last for about 2-5 months. The whole process took about 2 hours, so do be prepared with a good book or movie while waiting!

Since not all hair is the same, the good thing about Kerasilk is that it allows stylists to custom blend a unique formula that will be best suited to your hair. So the stylist washes your hair, applies the product tailored to your needs, blows dry and flat irons at specific heat level your hair requires, then wash and condition again with Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner.

Happy family at Black Hair

Anthony flat ironing my hair, but you can already see how smooth my hair is from here!

For easy comparison - FRIZZY TO FABULOUS!

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