Audi Fashion Festival & TriSys Hair Treatment at Black Hair Salon

It's been a very busy month, backlogged too many updates! Squeezing some time now before the annual #Vainpotmegasale (look out for the next blogpost on the event!) to blog about the Audi Fashion Festival Star Creation 2013 Capsule Collection I attended last month.

Just before the show, I went to Black Hair Salon to get my hair treated and touched up my roots. Since perming and with the faded dye, my hair tended to look drier than usual, so Anthony recommended a new Trisys treatment which really remedied my frizzy-looking mane. I LOVE THIS TREATMENT. Absolutely awed by how my hair turned out looking healthy and was super soft. I'd recommend it to anyone with frizzy or damaged hair.

Three-step solution: 
Trisys KL - Penetrates deep into the internal structure of the hair to build a firm base from within
Trisys KM - Repairs the larger damage area in the hair to recover strength and spring of the hair
Trisys CO - Helps hair to retain moisture giving the hair  a supple texture

Requested a vintage look like this for the day


Super soft hair!

With Eve, my date for the day

And on to the main show! Designers Vu Ta Linh and Sun Yijin, winners of last year's Audi Star Creation, showcased their capsule collection after a year-long internship with FJ Benjamin.

Drawing inspiration from a song performed by a top Vietnamese singer, Vu Ta Linh's collection Indigo featured designs in various shades of the colour. The collection also encapsulated elements of the traditional Vietnamese costume, the Ao Dai, in its textures, shapes and detailing.

Sun Yijin's collection Winter featured a palette of white, grey and black, but also peppered with bursts of bright orange and green, as she sought to combine Singapore's tropical elements.

Here are some of my favourites from the show!

And finally with my OTHER date for AFF 

 Okay enough of glamorous shots. Here's a monkey face to end off the post!

Also lastly, Black Hair Salon is having a GSS promo for their Kerasilk Keratin Treatment (30% off!). I would love to try this cos' I've heard really good reviews about it, but afraid it will straighten my perm. Probably soon! 

Black Hair Salon
The Bencoolen (Opp Sim Lim Square)
180 Bencoolen Street,

Tel: 6835 9976 / 6242 3945


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