Black Hair Salon: Digital Perm & Np3.1 Treatment

During my first visit to Black Hair Salon, Anthony had asked me if there was anything I've always wanted to try with my hair. Well, I always considered perming my hair but was never patient enough to wait for it to grow out. Furthermore, with all the home dyeing over the years, my hair has become quite dry and damaged, and I thought perming would worsen it. 

So in the last few visits, though I wanted to try some funky colours, Anthony advised against it because he was trying to prepare my hair for perming (what good planning!). We both agreed on romantic, loose curls, so he proposed digital perm and the NP3.1 intense moisturising treatment for my hair so it won't get too dry. 


Anthony and Cat prepping my hair with moisturising cream. I think Cat was saying δΈθ¦ζ‹ζˆ‘, but I gleefully went ahead.
Looking like an alien with all the wires

These are the products from the NP3.1 3-step treatment, which I did after the perm. It helps with damage repair and moisturising, perfect for my dry ends and frizzy hair!

Here's the end result! Hair looking softer and impeccably blown dry

With Lipeng, who happened to be dyeing her hair that day as well. Check out her blue streaks!

I'm now using the KMS shampoo, conditioner and control creme,  to help with energising and defining my curls. For the control creme, you just need to use a small blob, and it works to control the flyways and frizz! I found fantastic reviews of these products online. Hope these will help ease the maintenance of my perm.

Because my hair's quite thick (read: stubborn), I was told that I'll need to put in effort to maintain the curls by either blowing dry or tonging it before heading out. Tonging will be the quicker option, but I usually leave my curling tong in the office for photoshoots, so for the last few days I've been using my trusty Philips hairdryer. Anthony taught me a method to blow dry my hair so that the curls will have more volume and life. I'm still trying to master it!

Fresh from hair wash! Hair semi-dry

After blow-dry and hair haphazardly tousled. Not too difficult after all! 

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