Travelogue: Boracay (Days 1 and 2)

Warning: This is going to be pretty photo-intensive (and just 2 out of 4 days!). As predicted, couldn't stop snapsnapsnapping away in Boracay, because everywhere was just so picturesque, even the food was so photo-worthy. They really weren't exaggerating about the white sand beaches and clear waters.

Getting to Boracay
Again, much thanks to Tigerair and Gushcloud, I spent an awesome 4 days in Boracay. It was about a 3.5 hours flight to Kalibo Airport, and another 1.5 hours bus ride to take a 20 minutes ferry to the island.
Comfy airport OOTD (ASOS Crop top, Palazzo pants from Bugis Village, Zara Sandals)
View from the top
With Nicole!


Touched down!

Just outside Kalibo airport

First Night; At District Boracay

Reached our home for 3 nights - The District Boracay! How lucky we were, because it's ranked #7 on Trip Advisor. Definitely felt pretty 5 stars to me. The hotel is at Station 2, very central location, and looks really really amazing with top-notch service. I don't like hotels which appear too "dark" (creeps me out), so was glad District Boracay was all clean, sleek and bright. We were greeted at the lobby with a round of welcome drinks and towels to freshen up, before we were brought to our rooms where the super friendly hotel staff gave us an orientation of the room.

Sweet dreams Tricia definitely had that night cos' I found her snuggling up to me by morning haha

The comfiest queen-sized beds that got us snoozing our alarms for 1.5 hours the next morning.

Dinner at Mesa

After putting down our luggages and washing up, we headed to Mesa for dinner. Just checked on Trip Advisor, and apparently Mesa Filipino Moderne is #14 on the list of recommended restaurants. Think it serves quite a good variety of Filipino food. It's also along station 2. We walked out of the hotel, turned left and walked for about just 5-10 minutes. You can't miss it, it's quite a big restaurant.

This is probably the biggest coconut I've ever had, and also the worst. Found out from a local while doing my manicure, that it's because the coconuts aren't from Boracay Island but somewhere else, so it's not so fresh. So you'll have better luck with their other famous fruit shakes on the island, rather than fresh coconuts.

And that kinda marks the end of day 1. It was quite late after dinner, so Tricia and I headed to some dodgy massage place near D'Mall for an oil massage. It was dodgy because these guys were touting at the beach, but the parlour was in some shady lane. Anyway, massage was very cheap at 300 pesos (about SGD9. IKR?!) and really good, save for the fact they used some cheap oil which felt pretty icky and was difficult to wash off. Would definitely go back there and probably choose normal massage instead.

Island Hopping - Snorkeling at Crocodile Island and Puka Island

Started day 2 off with breakfast at the hotel. Too hungry, so only managed to take 2 photos. The eggs from the omelette station were so good, Tricia ordered like 2 or 3 servings.

Asked for extra cheese (!!!)

Forget coconuts. Always go for mangoes! I think you can hardly go wrong with mangoes in Philippines/Boracay. They are crazy sweet and juicy everywhere we tried
Couldn't wait to finish breakfast and finally see the acclaimed white sand beach and crystal clear waters...
TADAAAAA (It's almost like the Google photos I found!) Pic spam ahead.
Just outside our hotel

With Joanna and Tricia

Jeneen all purply and and Freda bright and sunshiney


Done cam-whoring and about to proceed for our first activity - Island Hopping. See everyone armed and wrapped in towels haha

Vincent & Fai from Gushcloud

Fiona, Lydia and Kife!

Apparently someone's mansion
Boracay Crocodile Island
Sailed out towards Crocodile Island where we snorkeled nearby. This is the reason why it's called Crocodile Island. Looks like one huh?

Water was really cold!

Boracay snorkeling

Snorkeling was super fun! I've only done it one other time in Krabi, but perhaps it was a way bigger group this time so we were having a lot of fun in the water. The water wasn't very clear where we were though, but could still see a lot of fish and some coral. They gave us some biscuits so that the fish will swarm us haha. We were snorkeling for about half an hour I think, then we got back on the boat to head to Puka Beach, which was at the other end of the island. Here's a map for a better idea - Puka is at tip (north) and Crocodile Island somewhere southwards.

boracay map

We had a very interesting and sumptuous lunch. The setting reminded me of Survivors or Amazing Race though, and tons of houseflies were attempting to attack our glorious food (!), but there were people helping to swat them away while we ate. Check out the size of the suckling pig and barbequed fish.

Sinful crispy goodness

Had to pose with the giant fish with Tricia and Jeneen. Seriously, what are they feeding these fishes?

Shedded some calories post-lunch sweating while camwhoring under the blazing sun and dipping in the cool, clear water. Attempted some yoga stunts too and ended up with tons of #fail shots.

Check out the waves!! Like crystals!


Super unglam, but it's okay, funny things must share.

One with Melody!

I quote Tricia, let's do this and you can send it to N -.-" Don't ask me why I obliged. On another note, I'm so tanned :(

And my joke of the day: you know how people say partners in crime. Here's presenting to you, my partner in lime!

Some weak attempt at love.

Seafood shopping and dinner at D'Talipapa

Headed back to the hotel after Island hopping and then for dinner at D'Talipapa. I'd initially thought it's a restaurant, but it's in fact a wet market where you can shop for fresh seafood and then choose one of the restaurants nearby and have them cook it for you! The crabs...omg...were as good as Melben's (or even fresher) but just half the price. We took a tuktuk there from near the hotel (only 10pesos per person!). The vendors at the market were super aggressive and pushing for sales, so be sure to haggle bravely. We left that job to the guys and aunty Sheena hahah, while we just stood at the side squealing whenever some crustacean jumped out of its pail.

Boracay tuktuk
Terrible photo, but just wanted to show how 6 of us squeezed on one tuktuk!


What monstrosity?! Check out the size against the hand!

Lobsters were very expensive

Sea urchins alive!
Settled for a random restaurant just next to the market

We requested for chilli, curry, butter garlic and grilled crabs. Favourites were the butter garlic and curry.

Walked back to the hotel and stopped by Sharetea on the way. That's in D'Mall, a shopping area with quite a few shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

I think this might be the only picture I have of us on this trip Fiona!!

Walked past our hotel towards Station 1 and found this man selling these handmade customized wire accessories. Made some for our friends.

This sums up Day 2 in Boracay. Actually quite a lot of things to do in Boracay. We were kept busy all 4 days, and still had things we wished we had time to try. We went for helmet diving and ATV, walked to station 1 for the best milkshake in Boracay and caught the most breathtaking sunset the next day. Will update that in the next post.

Once again, thank you Tigerair for flying us to Boracay. Hope some of you managed to take part in the 1 million draw and win travel credits to experience this lovely island as well. I also just found out that Tigerair has a new leg to Yangon! Definitely another history and culture-rich destination on my must-visit list. And think now's a good time to go before it becomes too commercialized or touristy.


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